Tunisia economic openness

Being among the most competitive economies in Africa and the Arab world, the Tunisian economy offers businesses an environment of higher quality than those found in main competing countries.
The education level of the active population, the sound macroeconomic management and the quality of public institutions are particularly favourable to business competitiveness.

Global Competitiveness

  • Tunisia is ranked 1st in North Africa in terms of
  • Talent Competitiveness | "Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017, INSEAD"
  • Entrepreneurship Ecosystem | "Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017, GEDI"
  • Innovation | "Bloomberg Innovation Index 2017, Bloomberg"
  •  Competitive Industrial Performance | "Competitive Industrial Performance Index 2016, UNIDO"
  •  ICT Development | "Measuring the Information Society Report, 2016"
  •  Transition to E-commerce | "B2C E-commerce Index 2016, UNCTAD"                                                                       

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