Tunisia favourable business environment

‘‘Doing Business 2016’’ report ranked Tunisia at the 74th position among 189 countries, placing it ahead of North African countries.
                                                                                           Ease of doing business in the world

TUNISIA is ranked 2nd in Africa as having the best working environment according to the ranking ‘‘African Countries of the Future 2013/2014’’.
                                                                ADAPTED REGULATORY FRAMEWORK

The Tunisian legislation grants:

  • freedom of investment in most sectors,
  • freedom of repatriation of profits and capital gains,
  • simplified administrative procedures,
  • ease of import and export,
  • protection of intellectual property,
  • protection of foreign investors.

Tunisia is a valuable destination for foreign investment thanks to the multitude of incentives and benefits it offers.
 Foreign companies can benefit from multiple tax and financial incentives including:

  • 10% reduced Tax rate on profits from exports,
  • total exemption on reinvested profits and income,
  • coverage of employers’ contribution to social security schemes and of infrastructure expenses in regional  development areas,
  • deductions from the tax base of income or profits from investments in regional development areas for the majority of sectors:

    Total deduction for the first 5 or 10 years of activity respectively in the 1st and 2nd group zones,
     For the priority areas, in addition to the total deduction during the first 10 years, a   deduction up to a limit of 50% of such income or profits for the following 10 years.

  •  investment grant for industrial projects in regional development areas and for projects in tourism and agriculture,
  • investment subsidies for environmental protection, technology and R&D promotion, and regional or agricultural development,
  • coverage of vocational training expenses up to 50% of the initial training cost.
  • An investment premium up to 15% of the investment cost for promising activities with high integration rate granted to investment operations carried out under the investment incentives code.

’’TUNISIA is our first partnering country where it is possible to invest because we find many positive things: the availability of labour at a competitive cost and tax benefits’’.


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