Living in Tunisia

Renowned for its multiculturalism, Tunisia is a country open to the world.Living and working in Tunisia offers a friendly and hospitable environment and living conditions of the most enjoyable.Thus numerous amenities are available in the main cities of the country.

Entry and Accommodation

LForeigners wishing to engage in a gainful activity in Tunisia are required to hold a residence permit (visa and residence permit)..

Similarly, any foreigner settling in Tunisia, as part of his business, is entitled to import personal effects and household goods. These can be cleared duty free or with deferred payment of duties and taxes.

Tunisia has modern residential neighborhoods with luxury housing at affordable costs and well below those of European cities .
Indeed, rents in Tunisia are relatively low and affordable compared to those in neighboring countries. They vary according to the cities and to the neighborhoods in the same city.

According to a survey conducted by the consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle and published in the 2nd half of 2014, rent in Tunisia is at its lowest point at about 17 TND per sqm. It remains the lowest in North Africa and the Middle East.

Entertainment and sports

In addition to its rich culture, Tunisia boasts lovely beaches, pleasant landscapes, fabulous archaeological sites, several golf courses and the opportunity to enjoy premium spa care. Indeed, hiking on the gateway to the desert, scuba diving, water sports, spa, quad trips, sea excursions and golf tournaments are only a few examples of the leisure activities offered by Tunisia. They can be enjoyed in all northern or southern resorts in summer as in winter.

Tunisia has an array of sports activities with the adequate and developed infrastructure.
Indeed, Tunisia has experienced during the last two decades a boom of sports infrastructure. Fitness rooms and sports facilities have multiplied providing hence excellent sports conditions.
Moreover, it should be noted that cerebral sport is not left behind and recorded the development of multiple specialized clubs in chess and Scrabble as well as card games...


For your health, Tunisia offers high level medical services with a network of specialized modern and well equipped clinics providing a variety of treatments and where an increasingly growing number of foreign patients come for their treatment, which is an evidence of the sector’s strength.

Indeed, the health sector has always occupied a special place in the economic and social policy. The share of health represents 8% of the overall budget and 2% of the GDP.

The Tunisian public infrastructure includes 29 university hospitals (CHU), 109 local hospitals and 33 regional hospitals. In recent years, the country has also recorded an increased presence of the private sector. It is structured around 75 specialized or multidisciplinary clinics, 1,808 dental offices, 5,450 surgeries, 107 radiology practices, 220 test laboratories, 100 haemodialysis centres and 1,800 dispensaries.

In general, the foreign visitor is always surprised at each visit to see the constant changes: new shopping centres, hypermarkets, construction of ultramodern buildings, emergence of new residential areas, development of green spaces. So you should not be surprised to see here and there, work in progress. The whole country is being modernized with a touch of Mediterranean charm.


Source Fipa

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