Cultural and Leisure Activities Accessible to All

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Cultural life in Tunisia is rich and varied. It offers many entertainment and broadcast venues ranging from cultural centres to libraries, film clubs and art galleries, through media clubs not to mention the theatre and music companies as well as international festivals and events.

Indeed, Tunisia which is leader in North Africa in terms of well-being of its population (Social Progress Index 2015) boasts the following assets:

  •  Precious archaeological heritage: the soil contains many treasures of the past and invites you to travel across time. The beauty and charm of the sites are preserved some of which are part of the World Heritage.
  •  several international festivals: the Carthage Film Days, the Tabarka Jazz Festival, the festival of symphonic music at the Coliseum of El Djem, the festivals of Carthage and Hammamet, the Sahara festival in Douz …
  •  an important tourist infrastructure : more than 840 hotel units of different categories, more than 350 tourist restaurants, 10 marinas for 1500 berths, 8 golf courses as well as spa centres located in all tourist areas of the country operating under the most demanding international standards
  •  Multiple public and private amusement and leisure parks located both inside and outside tourist areas.


Source Fipa

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