Tunisia successful political transition

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The year 2014 was marked in Tunisia by a further step towards democracy with the adoption of a new Constitution which resulted in the organisation of successful parliamentary and presidential elections.
The formation of a new coalition government in February 2015 is a historic coronation for the country.
Tunisia is ranked: 1st in Africa and in the MENA region and, 25th on a global scale in terms of elections integrity according to Sydney and Oxford Un iversities report.

TUNISIA is the only free country in the Arab world.
                                                             Freedom House, 2015


New horizons are open and the future outlook is promising bringing a new impetus to the socio-economic life of the New Tunisia thanks to:

  • the launch of major projects involving infrastructure, inclusive development and human development,
  • the opening of new sectors to foreign investment, such as finance, renewable energies, health and cultural and creative industries,
  • the overhaul of the legal and regulatory framework related to investment.

TUNISIA achieved the best democratic progress in the world.
                               ‘‘Democracy Index’’ (Global Democracy Ranking), 2014

‘‘Investing in Tunisia means having the possibility to be very close to Europe and to work in the Middle Eastern and North African areas, and through Tunisia acccess the entire African continent. It therefore represents a major regional basis close to all our target markets’’.



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