Tunisia talent pool

A pioneer in this field in the MENA region, Tunisia has always assigned a place of prominence to education,as a unique tool for adaptability and employability.
 The free nature of the education system in Tunisia, its quality and its accessibility resulted in the following :

  • -    99% school enrolment rate,
  • -    6,528 educational institutions,
  • -    200 higher education institutions,
  • -    7% of GDP allocated to education,
  • -    over 332,000 enrolled students (2014/2015).

Education is the main spending item in the public budget with the integration of information and communication technologies at all levels.
 In this regard, Tunisia is one of the first countries in North Africa and the Arab world to engage in the field of distance education and e-Learning.
TUNISIA has a diversified fabric of universities and colleges to ensure the best training in different areas.
Tunisia has very qualified, competitive and successful human resources at all levels. Consistently in line with business needs, they represent a huge pool of talent which is one of the major assets of the country thanks to their foreign language skills, sense of adaptation and creativity.
 Tunisia is considered as a talent geyser in the Mediterranean region with:

  • over 70,000 new graduates each year.
  • 35% of students graduating in engineering, computer science, communications and other technical fields.
  • over 1,000 vocational training centres providing training for 140,000 trainees in hundreds of specialties covering all economic sectors.

TUNISIA provides the labour market with over 6,000 engineers every year.

Source Fipa

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