Tunisia at the service of international causes

Tunisia is endeavoring, in the field of foreign policy, to overcome the inequalities that characterize international relations, giving major importance to the United Nations as a framework for joint action.
Since joining the United Nations in the wake of its independence, Tunisia always strived to consolidate its contribution to works of the United Nations and its international actions by
Participating in the debates occurring in the platforms of the United Nations.

 Tunisia has recently participated in the 65th session of the General Assembly, which addressed key issues, of which the Organization has been focusing in recent years. It includes, in particular, the reform of the UN multilateralsystem with a view to making it ablerto face the current challenges.
Being elected as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, for the third time since independence, Tunisia has indeed brought to the table the issue of reforming the SecurityCouncil.
In particular, it highlighted the need to broaden its membership in order to meet the principle of equitable geographical distribution and ensure a more adequate representation of the interests of developing countries.


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