MoU signed between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ISIE

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on Thursday in Tunis between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Independent High Authority for the Election (ISIE) on the organization of the 2019 parliamentary and presidential elections abroad.

The memorandum was signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Khémaies Jhinaoui and ISIE President Nabil Baffoun.

The document provides for the allocation of available human, administrative and financial resources from diplomatic and consular missions abroad to the sectoral authorities of the ISIE responsible for the proper conduct of elections for Tunisian expatriates. 

In a statement to the press, Khémaies Jhinaoui stressed the ongoing efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during previous elections in order to guarantee the conditions for successful elections and enable Tunisians abroad to fulfill their electoral duty.

Emphasizing the efficient role of the Ministry in the electoral process, Jhinaoui called on the heads of diplomatic missions to facilitate the work of the ISIE sectoral authorities.

For his part, Nabil Baffoun asserted ISIE's determination to ensure the success of the electoral operation abroad as it did in 2011 and 2014, commending the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through diplomatic and consular missions in assisting sectoral authorities to succeed in the electoral operation.

Under the MoU, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pledges to overcome the administrative and technical difficulties that may arise during the electoral process. It is also planned to set up 6 sectoral ISIE authorities abroad at the headquarters of diplomatic and consular missions in Paris (France1), Marseille (France2), Rome, Berlin, Montreal and Abu Dhabi.

The memorandum also refers to the logistical, administrative and technical organization of the electoral process in the host countries and compliance with the relevant regulatory provisions.

For its part, ISIE pledges to draw up voters' lists for Tunisians abroad and to monitor appeals relating to registration in the voters' lists.

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