Erray and Ennaifer discuss repatriation of Tunisians stranded abroad

Ongoing efforts to repatriate Tunisian nationals stranded in several countries were at the heart of a meeting held Wednesday, under chairmanship of Foreign Affairs Minister Noureddine Erray.

The meeting was attended by Secretary of State to Foreign Affairs Salma Ennaifer and other executives from the ministry.

Erray stressed the need to speed up the repatriation of Tunisian nationals wishing to return home, particularly those facing social and financial difficulties,

The Foreign Minister reminded that the national plan has helped repatriate 7,600 Tunisians. He emphasised the need to increase coordination with all stakeholders so as to ensure the return of Tunisian nationals under the best possible conditions and as soon as possible.

Erray also reiterated the need to offer proper care to Tunisian expatriates and keep in touch with them. He reminded of the key role of the monitoring units in all embassies and consulates in addressing difficult situations, particularly those of students facing financial hardships.

The Foreign Minister commended the role of the Tunisian civil society abroad in providing further support to embassies and consulates, pointing to the sense of solidarity marking members of the Tunisian community abroad.

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