MFA in Dakar: FOCAC is exemplary framework of partnership open to future

Foreign Minister Othman Jerandi stressed on Tuesday that the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) is an exemplary framework of partnership open to the future, based on solidarity, dialogue and common development.

This forum is a social and humanitarian process necessarily called to improve, through evaluation, in order to consolidate the achievements and remedy the shortcomings, he said.

Mr.Jerandi also stressed the need to raise the Sino-African partnership to the height of the issues and challenges such as the green economy, climate transition and sustainable development, in pursuit of the objectives set out in the African Union's Agenda 2063.

The Sino-African partnership is capable of resisting and succeeding. It depends on the level of mobilisation and adherence of States to this project, he said.

The Minister then referred to the humanist dimension of this partnership, calling for the need to give it a central place in cooperation projects, particularly in the areas of training, and educational, cultural, technical and academic exchanges. He also called for the multiplication of youth and women empowerment projects, taking into account the specificities and needs of each African State.

Addressing the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the minister also stressed the importance of strengthening medical cooperation between China and African countries, saying that Tunisia supports calls to lift the patents on vaccines against COVID.

He affirmed Tunisia's readiness to put its expertise at the service of the Sino-African partnership, for the boosting of innovative projects in strategic sectors with high added value.

On the sidelines of his participation in the ministerial conference of the FOCAC (29 and 30 November), the Minister discussed with his Cameroonian and Congolese counterparts the holding of joint commissions in early 2022.

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