Meeting of Ambassador Nabil Ben Khedher with Tunisian artist Faouzi Khlifi

Meeting of Ambassador Nabil Ben Khedher with Tunisian street artist Faouzi Khlifi aka "el Seed"


The talented artist whose works incorporate traditional Arabic calligraphy,

a style he calls calligraffiti, talked about his human and artistic experience acquired during his work with communities on his most famous projects in streets and public spaces across the world, namely Lost Walls of Tunisia, the Favelas of Rio Di Janeiro, the DMZ between North and South Korea, the Slums of Cape Town and Cairo’s garbage collectors neighbourhood in Manshiyat Nasr District (Perception project).

The Paris-born artist won the UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture In 2017 and was named a Global Thinker in 2016 by Foreign Policy for his project ‘Perception’ in Cairo.

El Seed recently unveiled new works -a series of paintings- in his first UK solo exhibition "Tabula Rasa" at Lazinc Gallery in Mayfair (25 January-9 March 2019). He was on a visit to London to speak at an event on street art hosted by the British Library called "The Word on the Street: Graffiti, Typography and Art".

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