Tunisia and Council of Europe discuss ways to boost cooperation in democratic governance

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Acting Foreign Minister Sabri Bachtobji had a meeting, Friday, with President of the Council of Europe's Venice Commission (European Commission for Democracy through Law) Gianni Buquicchio.

The meeting discussed ways to foster cooperation between Tunisia and the Council of Europe in the areas of democratisation and law, more particularly in the organisation of elections, the establishment of constitutional bodies and providing support to institutions according to international standards.

Buquicchio said the Council of Europe is willing to support Tunisia’s efforts in consolidating its democratic transition process by sharing experiences and expertise in various fields, reads a statement of the Foreign Ministry.

Bachtobji commended the close cooperation between Tunisia and the Council of Europe as part of the South Programme III: Ensuring Sustainable Democratic Governance and Human Rights in the Southern Mediterranean (2018-2020).

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