Tunisia, Platform for training African cardiologists

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Meeting organized on Thursday, April 5th at the Embassy under the theme "Tunisia, Platform for the training of African cardiologists", in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Ghannem, Professor of Medicine,

MPP and President of the Association francophone preventive cardiology.
The exchange includedAmbassadors and representatives of African Embassies in Paris, as well as a large number of specialist doctors operating in France.
The meeting focused on:
The creation of a francophone inter-university diploma in prevention and cardiovascular rehabilitation, for African cardiologists, in collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine of Sousse, the Faculty of Medicine of Tours and the French Association of Preventive Cardiology.
The publication of the "Practical Manual of Prevention and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation" directed by Professor Mohamed Ghannem and edited by Frison Roche.


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