Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies any ban on Libyans entering Tunisia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad, denied categorically any ban on the entry of Libyans in Tunisia, contrary to information, erroneous and devoid of any basis, relayed on this subject.

The Ministry stated that the temporary closure of borders is part of the fight against the spread of the pandemic Covid-19 in Tunisia and Libya and prevention against new strains mutated of this virus.

The scientific committees of the two countries will hold a meeting to assess the epidemiological situation and by the same time, prepare a health protocol to meet the particularities of Tunisian-Libyan relations.

 Moreover, the departmentadded hat the dissemination of false news targeting the two countries and brotherly peoples, can in no way affect the level of historical and solid relations between Tunisia and Libya, as well as the common will to promote these strategic ties.

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