UN: Tunisia votes for resolution denouncing Russian invasion of Ukraine

Tunisia voted in favour of a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly during its eleventh special session, held on Wednesday in New York, on the situation in Ukraine

Tunisia stresses that its reaction is "a victory" for the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, on which the country's foreign policy is based, and affirms its willingness to find a "way out of the crisis by resorting to peaceful means, the only way to end the escalation.

Tunisia  notes the involvement of the parties concerned in "dialogue and negotiation" and reiterates its call on the international community to combine efforts to achieve a cessation of hostilities and create conditions conducive to a lasting solution to this crisis.

While reaffirming that "international peace and security are indivisible", Tunisia called for "equal" treatment of the various just issues, based on the principle of "unity for peace" so that " the peoples can recover their legitimate rights", in accordance with international references.

Voted by a majority of 141 votes against5 with 34 abstentions, the UN resolution unequivocally denounces the Russian "invasion" of Ukraine, calls for an immediate cessation of military operations and the need for a peaceful and immediate solution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine through negotiations and mediation.

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