Welcoming Word:

 I am pleased to express my great happiness on the occasion of my appointment, by the end of 2017, as  Head of the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in Algeria, as well as my gratitude to His Excellency the President of the Republic of Tunisia Mr. Beji Caid Essebsi, who honored me to represent my country to the sister country Algeria; my second home-land. I would also like to express my deepest satisfaction for my presence among my family and brothers in order to continue my predecessor’s actions of supporting the historical bilateral relationship which so happily exist between our two dear peoples and who are experiencing, every day, a distinguished development on all levels,  through the mutual trust of  both leaders of the two sister countries.
 I would also like to address my sincere thinks to all Tunisian living in Algeria and highlight their efforts for strengthenning the Tunisian-Algerian fraternal ties, for their contribution to support the development process between the two countries and thanks to their important role for their effort to the development of trade, cultural and scientific and social relations while wishing for them further success by praising their love for their homeland, for its defense, its dignity and immunity.
The Tunisian-Algerian relations are rooted in history and are distinct in virtue of good neighborhood, for the similarity of language and religion. They have been strengthened on early time of the liberation movements and have also been evolved through the time. They are based on mutual trust and convergence of points of view regarding the most important international as well as regional issues who are linked by common interests and face the same challenges and mutual desire in establishing a fair economic and social system for the benefit of the two countries for sustainable development. This relationship has been evolved into a strategic partnership model.
The several visits of Tunisian and Algerian officials testify the depth of the bilateral relations, and in this level, I quote in particular, the visit to Algeria of His Excellency Mr. President of the Republic  of Tunisia, and the Head of Government, as well as the visit twice, of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The High-level political consultations have been established to overcome the difficulties and to improve bilateral exchanges in order to reach a better level. The intensification of visits by both parties includes all sectors with the aim of establishing joint mechanisms of action and are made in order to accelerate and strengthen the ties between the two countries.
 These distinguished ties require a hard work  for further strengthening and the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in Algeria will stimulate the partnership between Tunisian and Algerian businessmen and supports investment in both countries, noticing the big potential of both parties. The mission also intends to consolidate the cultural relations by encouraging creators and artists to participate in cultural events organized by both countries. The consolidation of cooperation between academic institutions and the development of  border areas and the creation of free zones are among the priorities of the Embassy, especially as the number of Algerian tourists in Tunisia is constantly increezing and there are a promising opportunities between the two countries and we also have to underline the important role of civil society in promoting this cooperation and raising it to the best level.
 The convergence of Tunisian-Algerian points of view to serve the common interests of both countries is imposed by the world situation and requires further concerted efforts for the Maghreb rapprochement to which the Maghreb people aspire.
Finally, I would like to express my thanks to all the political and economic actors as well as to the intellectuals and scientists for having contributed closely for bilateral development. I would also like to thank the Tunisian institutions working in Algeria, such as TunisAir, ONTT, CEPEX, for their contribution to support economic cooperation as well as the Algerian brothers who fully contribute for the consolidation of the fraternal relationship that so happily exist between the two sisters countries.
Thank You.

Ambassador  Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Nasser ESSID

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