Tunisian democratic experience discussed at Med-Dialogues conference in Rome

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and acting Foreign Minister Sabri Bachtobji reaffirmed the major importance that Tunisia attaches to the...


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Tunisia warns of serious threats of settlement expansion in Palestinian territories

Tunisia reiterates unwavering support for the Palestinian people in their fight to restore their legitimate rights, mainly the establishement of an...


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Bachtobji underlines in Berlin Tunisia's success in promoting transparency, good governance and improving investment climate

Acting Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Bachtobji, delivered a speech in Berlin at the 3rd session of the...


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Sabri Bachtobji heads Tunisian delegation to "G20 Compact with Africa" high-level conference

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Sabri Bachtobji was instructed by President Kais Saied to lead the...


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