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Travel documents required for Schengen visa applications

Conditions d’obtention de la prestation :

All applicants must be physically present at the Visa Office of the Embassy with the following documents (original + 1 photocopy).

1) Duly completed VISA application form, written in capital letters with a black pen (forms are available free of charge at the visa service and on the embassy’s website).

  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Malta
  • Austria
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Netherlands
  • Greece
  • Poland

2) Valid passport of the applicant (minimum of 3 months after expiry of the requested visa) must have at least two blank pages and the date of issue must not exceed 10 years.

For foreigners: you must add a proof of legal residence in the country where you are applying for a visa (Example: A passport, a visa or a residence permit and a copy.

The residence permit must be valid at least 3 months after the expiry of the requested visa. Work or Study Permit (if applicable)

3) photocopy of page 2 of the applicant's passport, as well as all previous visas

4) 2 passport size photos

5) Travel medical insurance for the entire duration of the stay and valid for the entire Schengen area.


a. For a family visit: proof of the relationship of the person who invites you (usually it is the birth certificate), proof of his status and a sponsorship letter.

The signature on the invitation must be legalized by the competent authority (The original must be presented).

If the reason for your trip is not obvious (e.g. visit from a close family), an explanatory letter from your host can avoid doubts.
If it is a relative who finances your trip you must file the proof of solvency of the guarantor (last 3 payslips for the employees or recent role extract for the independent ones, Certificate of Employment and any other document which proves that it is well established in Europe.)

or: proof of the financing of your trip by your own means, if the person who invites you does not have the means for sponsorship, or if you have a situation (see n ° 8) that allows it.
In these cases, present an informal invitation to clarify the reason for your trip; where applicable, a photocopy of the residence permit of the person who invites you.

B. For a business visit: An invitation (joined by a support if the host institution/society/ organization in the receiving country takes care of you) showing proof of common commercial, cultural, academic relations .... (everything depends on the case and indicating the length of stay requested, or if you visit a fair; You also need a mission order with all the information of the applicant, who supports it, the purpose of the trip etc.

c. for tourist trips, it is necessary to present:

7) Roundtrip flight ticket

8) Financial evidence: this information enables the visa officer to assess your willingness to leave the SCHENGEN territory before the visa expires.

In other words, provide information to proving that you are keeping the center of your interests in your country of origin or habitual residence (e.g. any evidence of your rootedness in your country of origin or usual residence: proof of employment, professional situation, regular income collection, possession of real estate, family situation etc.).

You must file a bank statement for the last 6 months for all the following cases:

  1. Employees and civil servants

certificate of employment specifying the date of recruitment and leave application.

valid social insurance card

history of annual contributions to the social insurance fund (CNSS / CNRPS)
last three payslips or salary certificates

b. Businessmen / Entrepreneurs

Declaration of the opening of the Business, patent, a copy of the publication to the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia (JORT)

receipt of the single declaration of income, annual tax receipts for the last 2 years.

c.  Liberal professions

Certificate from the Order of doctors, barristers etc.

Proof of income

D. Farmers

Title of property

Receipt of the single declaration of income

other documents justifying the financial situation (annual tax receipts for the last two years, account statements, lease of land, etc.)

E. Retired individuals

ATM card

A statement stating the amount of the pension

F. Persons without a steady income

    written Sponsorship Letter by the person whose visa applicant depends on (parents, spouse) plus documents the of sections (8a - 8b - 8c - 8d - 8e.)

You can also add proof of relation (birth certificate, marriage certificate, ...)
if applicable, student card/certificate of registration at university or a school certificate.

9) Minors (under 18 years old)

A birth certificate and an authorization to leave the territory signed by both parents in addition to the papers mentioned above (8f).
The signature must be legalized. The custodial parent must be present when the application is filed.

Pièces à fournir :

Important information:

Applications can be submitted no earlier than three (3) months before the scheduled date of travel

Schengen visa holders are still subject to immigration control at the point of entry and are not guaranteed entry into any of the Schengen countries.

All documents requested above must be submitted in their original version and, where appropriate, accompanied by a translation and a legible photocopy.

This list is not exhaustive.

 Additional documents may be requested after the examination of the file, but in no case will lead to the automatic issue of a visa.

 Any applicant may file with his file, other documents supporting his application.

 All documents must be filed by the applicant personally when filing his file.

Documents sent in advance by post or fax cannot be taken into consideration.


The VISA application processing period can be extended to 30 or even 60 calendar days.


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