FM presents Egyptian President with invitation from President Caid Essebsi to attend next Arab summit

Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui, on Saturday, delivered a written message from President Beji Caïd Essebsi to Egyptian President Abdel Fateh al-Sissi, inviting him to participate in the 30th Ordinary Session of the Arab Summit to be held on March 31 in Tunisia.

Mr Jhinaoui said, on the occasion, "Tunisia is committed to strengthening the historical relations between the two countries, boosting bilateral co-operation in various fields and stepping up co-ordination and consultation on regional and international issues of common interest, including the development of the political process in Libya under the auspices of the United Nations to restore security and stability in that country".

The FM also stressed the importance of ensuring the regular holding of bilateral meetings and monitoring the implementation of their outcome, especially with regard to the Tunisian-Egyptian Joint Commission, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

To this end, he renewed the invitation sent by the President of the Republic to the Egyptian President to visit Tunisia, noting that this visit will be an opportunity to foster the fraternal bonds and co-operation between the two countries.

During the meeting, Mr Jhinaoui gave an overview to the Egyptian president of the ongoing preparations ahead of the Arab summit, affirming Tunisia's commitment to ensure the success of this key event in order to meet the aspirations of the Arab countries and peoples, in light of the major challenges facing the Arab region.

The Egyptian President, for his part, emphasised his country's desire to "strengthen the different areas of bilateral co-operation with Tunisia and to activate the agreements sealed to strengthen the framework of co-operation established between the two countries.

He also stressed the commitment to continue coordinating on issues of common interest, including developments in the situation in Libya and meet common challenges, including the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism," reads the same source.

Abdel Fattah al-Sissi also welcomed the success of Caid Essebsi's visit in Cairo in 2018. He expressed his willingness to respond favourably to the invitation sent by Caid Essebsi to visit Tunisia as soon as practicable.

The meeting was attended by the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tunisia’s Ambassador in Cairo.

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