Jhinaoui pays tribute to Jacques Chirac

Minister of Foreign Affairs Khemaeis Jhinaoui represented Tunisia at the solemn tribute ceremony on Monday, the national mourning day in France, to former President of the French Republic Jacques Chirac

at the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris in the presence of current French President Emmanuel Macron

and former Presidents Francois Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy and Valery Giscard d'Estaing, as well as a hundred foreign personalities including Russian President Vladimir Putin and former American President Bill Clinton.

Jhinaoui expressed to French leaders the sincere condolences of the Republic of Tunisia to France and its people for "the loss of one of the most important and eminent presidents of the Fifth Republic", recalling his determination to strengthen French-Tunisian relations, said a Foreign Ministry statement.

Thirty heads of state and government, foreign ministers, directors of international and regional organisations, personalities and former leaders of a number of countries came to pay tribute to the late French president Jacques Chirac, who died on Thursday September 26, at the age of 86.

Tunisia highlighted the services rendered by Jacques Chirac to his country, his concern to strengthen French-Tunisian relations, as well as his human qualities and his courageous contributions defending the values of peace and rapprochement of cultures around the world, said a statement issued Friday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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