Conference room named after late Mongi Slim inaugurated at UN Headquarters in Tunis

Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui and United Nations Director Resident Co-ordinator in Tunisia Diego Zorilla, on Wednesday, inaugurated a conference room named after the late Mongi Slim in the United Nations House in the Lake District in Tunis.

The initiative to name this room after Mongi Slim, the first African personality to preside over the United Nations General Assembly (1961-1962) and founder of the Tunisian association of the United Nations (1960) was launched by the Tunisian Association of the United Nations and the UN in Tunisia.

It is part of the celebration of Tunisia with its partners of the anniversary of the creation of the United Nations on October 24 that coincides this year with the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the late Mongi Slim.

Speaking to reporters, Minister of Foreign Affairs, indicated said the move "reflected the importance of this national personality who contributed to leading the national movement and the construction of an independent state".

"This personality was also one of the founders of the Tunisian diplomacy and laid the foundation for this modern diplomacy, which Tunisia tries to follow and respect as principles of international action," he said.

He recalled that during his presidency of the United Nations General Assembly, Mongi Slim "was not only a staunch supporter of Tunisia's defense and struggle for independence, especially after the attack on Sidi Youssef in 1958, but had also played an important role in promoting the independence process of many African countries and in supporting freedom in the world and was respected by the international community.

For his part, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Tunisia, Diego Zorilla, expressed the "great pride" of the United Nations, which dedicated, on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, a conference room at its Tunis headquarters to Mongi Slim "who embodied Tunisian patriotism and contributed to the foundation of the concept of shared responsibility".

He said this room will preserve the memory of the late Mongi Slim, through images that embody several stages of his action in the United Nations and his contribution to upholding its charter.

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