Presidency of Republic does not intend to build any coalition

The Presidency of the Republic does not intend to get involved in any coalition and refuses to build any alliance.

"The national territory can only be under Tunisian sovereignty", said the Presidency of the Republic in a press release, denouncing the "declarations", the "misinterpretations" and the "false allegations" which have been spread since Wednesday.

"These statements emanate either from misunderstanding or from the same sources which are continuously waging smear and defamation campaigns," specifies the Presidency of the Republic in the same statement without quoting them.

It warned that “any stance emanating from Tunisia or from outside is binding only on its author.”

The same source adds that the Head of State is determined to preserve Tunisia’s sovereignty, its independence as well as its choice of decision. This determination “cannot be the subject of overbidding and debates”.

“These lies and smear campaigns cannot, in any case, divert Tunisians’ attention from Tunisia’s real challenges, particularly the economic and social issues,” stresses the Presidency of the Republic.

These clarifications are made following the visit made Wednesday by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Tunisia which has sparked various reactions.

Parties and political coalitions in various statements, opposed the surprise visit made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Tunisia.

They called for the need not to intervene with Libya’s domestic affairs and be drawn to the policies of the axes.

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