Tunisian-UN coordination meeting to discuss preparations for any massive human influx from Libya

A Tunisian-UN co-ordination meeting was held on Wednesday to review preparations on the ground under the joint contingency plan in anticipation of any massive human flow from Libya should the situation there deteriorate.

The meeting, chaired by Acting Foreign Minister Sabri Bachtobji, was attended by United Nations Resident Coordinator in Tunisia, Diego Zorrilla, and representatives of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organisation for Migration, UNICEF and the World Health Organisation, as well as representatives of the Tunisian ministries and structures concerned.

Sabri Bachtobji stressed at the meeting the need to accelerate the pace of co-ordination meetings between all structures and parties concerned and to ensure effective preparation for any potential human repercussions and deteriorating security situation in Libya.

He stressed the commitment of the President of the Republic to preserve Tunisia’s national security and the dignity of those seeking humanitarian assistance and relief, while providing social and psychological coverage for them, within the framework of the international obligations of the Tunisian Republic.

For their part, the representatives of international structures welcomed Tunisia’s efforts to deal with any massive influx from the Libyan territory.

They stressed the commitment of the United Nations and the international community to support these efforts and assist Tunisia in this delicate situation.

President Kais Saied said as he chaired the National Security Council meeting on Wednesday “all indications show that the situation in Libya is likely to be further complicated, stressing the need for national preparations for these potential developments to be commensurate with the situation.


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