Tunisia participates in 8th Summit of AU High-Level Committee on Libya

30/01/ 2020 - Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Sabri Bachtobji, on Thursday, participated in the 8th Summit of the African Union High-Level Committee on Libya held in Brazzaville, Congo.

Bachtobji was instructed by President of the Republic Kais Saied to take part in the event.

The Secretary of State stressed in a speech Tunisia’s efforts to reach a political solution to the Libyan crisis. He reminded of “Tunisia’s initiatives since the onset of the Libyan uprising, more particularly its attempts to put an end to fighting and encourage various Libyan antagonists to hold peace talks”

“Tunisia is deeply aware that the only way out to the Libyan crisis is through a political and consensual solution, without exclusion and the use of weapons,” Bachtobji stressed.

He added that the escalating violence in Libya represents real challenges not only to Libya but also to Tunisia and neighboring countries.

The continued foreign interference in Libyan affairs and the violation of the arms embargo have made things worse in Libya, he said. They have led to the proliferation of terrorism, cross-border organised crimes and illegal migration, he further indicated.

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