Tunisia reaffirms at the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo the support of the Palestinian people and the support of their legitimate rights

Tunisia reiterated at the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers held Saturday 01/02/2020 at the headquarters of the Arab League General Secretariat its support to the Palestinian people in their struggle

to recover their legitimate rights to self-determination and to build an independent free state on their land limited to the 1967 borders.

"Justice and the rights of the Palestinians are not negotiable" says Tunisia through its Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Bachtobji.

In his speech, Bachtobji considered that "the US vision diverts the Palestinian cause from the legitimacy and resolutions enshrined by the international community during the past decades".

"Destroying the established benchmarks of the peace process and the failure to achieve solutions commensurate with the just Palestinian cause could fuel tension in the Arab region, renew conflicts and threaten the security and stability of the Middle East," says the ministry of foreign affairs

Based on its status as a non-permanent member of the Security Council, Tunisia called for a unified Arab position towards new developments concerning the Palestinian cause in order to undertake joint and effective action at the international level in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians.

The Council of Arab Foreign Ministers had rejected the US vision, better known as the "Deal of the Century", stressing the Arab Foreign Ministers' commitment to the peace process and international resolutions.

It also also stressed the willingness of the foreign ministers to interact quickly with all international parties to take the necessary measures against any plan that violates the rights of the Palestinians and tramples on the fundamentals of the peace process.

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