Tunisia committed to fighting terrorism and organised crime (Salma Ennaifar)

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Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Salma Ennaifar took part, Thursday, in an a open debate held by the UN Security Council on the Linkage of Counterterrorism and transnational organized crime (via VTC)

In her remarks Salma Ennaifar said the phenomena of terrorism and organised crime are considered among the scourges that threaten international security and peace.

"The deterioration of the situation locally and regionally due political instability, armed conflicts, corruption and social crises are all factors and a breeding ground for these two scourges," said Salma Ennaifar.

 The Secretary of State stressed the role of countries and international and regional organisations in identifying peaceful solutions to armed conflicts.

Ennaifar pointed to the Tunisian-French Resolution 2532-2020 adopted by the Security Council in July 2020, which stipulates a humanitarian truce in armed conflicts but does not apply to terrorist groups.

"States must take comprehensive and complementary initiatives that enable them to fight terrorism and organised crime in accordance with national laws and international commitments," the secretary of state said.

To that end, she called for the creation of bilateral and multilateral mechanisms and frameworks to share information expertise and secure borders.

The Secretary of State reaffirmed Tunisia's commitment to fight terrorism and organised crime in accordance with the objectives and principles of the United Nations Charter and in full respect of international law and human rights.

The meeting was chaired by the Indonesian Foreign Minister, as Indonesia is the Council president in August.

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