Oran Conference: Coordination between Peace and Security Council and African Group of States at UN reviewed

The coordination between the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) and the African Group of States, non-permanent members of the UN Security Council was the focus of a meeting held, Friday, on the sidelines of the AU Ministerial Conference (Oran December 2-4).

During this meeting, held under the theme "peace and security in Africa", Mr.Jerandi stressed that the three African countries, members of the Security Council (A3) have had a "significant" contribution within the Council thanks in particular to the support of the African Union Observer Mission in New York.

"These countries have succeeded in drawing the attention of the Security Council to a number of issues of vital importance," the Minister stressed, citing in particular security and development in Africa, the effects of climate change, the fight against insecurity in conflict zones, and the importance of cooperation between the UN and the African Union.

In this regard, the minister presented a set of "concrete" proposals, including the division of labour between the countries of the group, the strengthening of complementarity with the African Union Peace and Security Council and the creation of mechanisms to monitor the implementation of the group's recommendations (A3) during the election of new African members to the Security Council.

Mr.Jerandi also proposed the mobilisation of African missions to assess the situation in conflict zones and the examination of ways to ensure the necessary funding for peacekeeping operations in Africa.

These proposals were well received by the African countries participating in the conference.

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