Caid Essesbi calls for boosting joint arab action to settle regional conflicts

President Beji Caid Essesbi called for the need to step up joint Arab action, pointing out the Arab Ummah’s historic role in solving regional...


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FM meets former Arab League secretary-general Amr Moussa

Minister of Foreign Affairs Khemaies Jhinaoui received, Tuesday in Tunis, former Arab League secretary-general and former Egyptian Foreign Minister...


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Jhinaoui meets with President of Russian-Tunisian Business Council

Minister of Foreign Affairs Khemaies Jhinaoui stressed "the importance of preparing well" the meeting of the Tunisian-Russian joint commission, due...


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Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Conference: Bachtobji argues for changing Movement's methods of action

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Sabri Bachtobji called for the need to change the methods of action of the Non-Aligned movement "so that it can...


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