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The Diplomatic Institute for training and Studies (DITS)

M. General Director Ridha Zguidane

  • Address  3, rue Fatma Fehria Mutuelle-ville Tunis.
  • Phone 00216 71 842 092 / 00216 71 845 994
  • Fax   00216 71 848 131
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It was established by the Act of law No.42 of 16 June 1997.It is a public administrative institution, with legal personality and financial autonomy.
It is placed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Institute is responsible for:

  • The training of diplomats, executives and agents recruited by  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to exercise in the diplomatic field;
  • The retraining of executives and agents of the Ministry of Foreign affairs in various specialties;
  • The organization of practical courses in Tunisia and abroad;
  • The organization of seminars and training courses for the benefit of executives and officials of ministries ,companies and public bodies called upon to perform abroad;
  • The development of studies related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs activities;
  • The development of research in the fields of international relations, their prospects and their impact on the Foreign Policy of Tunisia.

The DITS is headed by a Director General assisted by an Advisory Board and a Scientific Council .Its management includes three main units:

  • The Unit for Training, Development and Internships.
  • The Unit for Studies, Research and Documentation.
  • The Unit for Administrative and Financial Affairs.

Training Programs

The DITS provides several training courses which content  and periods change according to the needs of beneficiaries and their connection with the diplomatic activity.

Initial Training
This training is intended for young diplomats, in possession of a Bachelor or Master’s degrees, recruited through an open national competition.

Initial training is planned for a two-year term:

  • The first year includes theoretical and practical courses on diplomacy, international relations and strategic studies .The trainees have to complete a year-end review to close this basic training.
  • The second year is devoted to practical training in the different departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to which  the trainees are assigned. The whole is crowned by the defense of a dissertation.

The curriculum and teaching of initial training is provided by a group of teachers who are diplomats and senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former ambassadors, academics and international experts. Since its creation,the DITS assured the training of (15) fifteen promotions, each bearing the name of a Tunisian personality that has distinguished itself in the diplomatic field.
The Continuous Training
This training is provided to the staff and officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .It includes seminars, workshops  and conferences related to diplomacy and international relations that the DITS organizes in collaboration with other Tunisian and foreign institutions .It also includes internship programs abroad organized with the assistance of similar foreign institutions.
Specific Training
The DITS organizes retraining sessions for Tunisian diplomats posted abroad and an appropriate program for their spouses.
The Institute also provides specific training to highly ranked officials of Tunisian other departments and agencies called to exercise abroad, so as to raise awareness and facilitate their integration into the environment of the host country.
Language Training
The Institute attaches a great importance to the teaching of General English and French, considered as two basic courses, as well as the teaching of “specialized English or English for specific purpose” and “the teaching of French language writing skills”.
Training cycles are organized in foreign languages (English, German, Italian and Spanish)for the benefit of staff and Foreign Ministry officials wishing to improve their linguistic performance ,or to learn new languages .The teaching of these languages is entrusted to Tunisian universities or specialized foreign cultural centers.
The Computer Training
In this area, the Institute provides the diplomats with a training course to enable them having a good use of computers and to make available any possibilities, either as regards the Internet and databases, or in terms of storing documents and printing.
Research and Studies
The DITS conducts and publishes studies and research in the field of diplomacy and international relations, as well as strategic and prospective studies.



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