Role and attributions


The working out and the implementation of the Government’s foreign policy in conformity with the orientations fixed by the Head of the State.

The establishment, maintenance and development of Tunisia’s friendship and cooperation relations with Foreign States and International Institutions and Organizations in the political, economic, social and cultural fields.

The representation of the Republic of Tunisia in Foreign States as well as in International Organizations and Institutions.

The protection, the defence and the safeguard of the material and moral rights and interests of Tunisia as well as those of its nationals: Physical or moral entities.

Official intermediary between the Foreign Missions and International Institutions and Organizations accredited in Tunisia on the one hand and the Tunisian Ministerial Departments and Organisms on the other hand.

The preparation and the conduct, in collaboration with the Ministerial Departments concerned, of the negotiation and conclusion of treaties, conventions and international agreements. It proposes their ratification and publication, ensures, in case of necessity, their interpretation and sees to their implementation.


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