Secretary of State

Biography of Mohamed Ali Nafti, Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad.


06/1982      :    Master of Combined Languages - Arabic - French - English - Spanish
Relevant Coursework: Economics and international organizations.
II. DIPLOMATIC RANK : Plenipotentiary Minister “Hors Class”.

September 2017-2020: General Director for Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
November 2012 / July 2017: Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia in Seoul (South Korea).
July 2011/ October 2012: Head of Information and Communication Department
January-July 2011: Member of the Minister's office (Foreign Affairs).
09.2010/01.2011 : Attaché at the diplomatic Department at the Presidency of the Republic
2005 -2010       : Minister Counselor at the Tunisian Embassy in Madrid, Spain
2002           : Deputy Director, Member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Cabinet
1996           : Counsellor at the Tunisian Embassy in Athens, Greece
1994             : Appointed as head of Section in the department of cooperation with Arab    countries in the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1988               : Tunisian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1988-1993       : Responsible of information and cultural Department.
07/1982       : Integration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tunis, Tunisia as Secretary of Foreign Affairs (Arab and Asian countries)

-     Participated during a 38 years career as official Representative of Tunisia delegations in many Summits, international Conferences and Symposia, mainly the Organization of United Nations (General Assembly 2003 session) the Arab States League Organization for Islamic Cooperation as well as European Union and several other regional Mediterranean, and Asian issues particularly in Malaysia, and South Korea.
-   Headed Several Tunisian Delegations in different joint commissions held with foreign countries, particularly in the consular field and migration issues.
-     Participated in various professional trainings in Tunisia and abroad, particularly in Belgium and the rest of Benelux countries

V. LANGUAGES: Arabic (mother language) Fluent in English, French, Proficient in Spanish (writen and spoken)
 VI. MARITAL STATUS: Married, and father of two daughters


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