Promoting Businesses

In addition to traditional Sovereign missions, the promotion of Tunisian exports and investments abroad is a major objective of Tunisia's external action.
Within the Tunisian system, diplomats play an important role to promote our economic missions;

  • identify and inform companies about business opportunities and challenges in each country,
  • dissect the internal decision-making circuits
  • Gather technical and financial support for their projects.

As a coordinator of cultural, scientific and technical cooperation abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also involved in training elites, creating communities and promoting Tunisia in the global knowledge economy.

These are key elements for accessing new markets.

The privileged position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the Tunisian administration, its in-depth knowledge of local situations, and its dense diplomatic network, direct and continuous relation with foreign authorities and local decision makers enables it to become an unparalleled source of information.
Thus, the Ministry is mobilized on a case-by-case basis.
We take pride to serve and provide assistance to the interests of our nationals and expatriates all around the world regardless of their sectors, sizes and help them establish the strategic and political support needed to reach the stage of global development.

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