38th annual symposium of heads of diplomatic and consular missions

On Monday, September 21, 2020, the annual symposium of heads of diplomatic, permanent and consular missions in its thirty-eighth edition, was convened this year under the title: “Tunisia and its immediate surroundings: For a partnership to enhance security and peace and advance solidarity development. "

At the opening of the conference, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad delivered a speech in which he emphasized that Tunisian diplomacy, under the special directives of the President of the Republic, is keen to continue its active contribution towards achieving its government work priorities and supporting the national effort and addressing the challenges facing our country at the economic and social levels.

Furthermore, The minister highlighted the need to strengthen the role of the Tunisian diplomacy in order to cope with the changes taking place in the world today, work to support and develop cooperation relations that bring Tunisia closer to its various brotherly and friendly countries, and to promote our country as an attractive destination for investment and tourism.

Moreover, The MFA stressed that the Tunisian diplomacy will continue to make the necessary effort to promote the image of Tunisia and convey its main positions, and will strive to spread the values ​​of solidarity among peoples in order to make our country a factor of stability and an effective contributor to promoting the values ​​of peace and security.

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