A new approach towards the Tunisian diaspora

Within the framework of the work of the thirty-eighth session of the Annual Symposium of Heads of Diplomatic, Permanent and Consular Missions, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad Mohamed Ali Al Nefti,

highlighted the important role of the Tunisian community abroad in supporting the national effort for development, by encouraging the transfer of their financial savings to Tunisia, investing in development projects and setting up small and medium enterprises, especially given the current circumstance that our country is going through.

In addition, the Secretary of State stressed the importance of the optimal management of migration issues with Tunisia's most prominent direct partners, in order to facilitate a safe stay for all Tunisians abroad in the spirit of their respect and commitment to the laws of the countries of residence, and offering assistance to all categories of Tunisians Abroad, in a framework of social and cultural integration in these countries.

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