Delegation from the International Women Entrepreneur Council

A delegation from the International Women Entrepreneur Council (Cife Sfax) paid a visit to the Women Entrepreneur council

(member of the Union of Chambers and commodity Exchanges of Turkey-TOBB) during the period from 14 to 18 November 2017.

In this context, a working session took place on November, 15th ,2017 between the two parties at the headquarters of TOBB in the presence of the Consul General of Tunisia in Istanbul.

An ad-hoc meeting was also held between the Consulate General and Mr. Genghis Gunai, member of the Executive Council of TOBB. This meeting examined on the wayforward in order to make mutually benefits from the very importantpotential of further cooperation.

A debriefing meeting has been organized in The consulate General with ‘Cife sfax’ on November, 17th, 2017 to assess this working and to discuss the future working plan between the two partners.

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